Welcome to My Madness!

Hello world and welcome to my first blog post in what I hope to be the start of a pretty cool journey. As I’m sure you figured out by the blog title, I (well, my husband and me) will be moving to Bucharest, Romania in the not so distant future. But until I leave, this blog will be used as practice space to get used to my new way of reaching out to the world. Until I depart I will blog about my journey of preparation for the upcoming adventure, as I say goodbye to family, friends, and some of my favorite locations, until I return to the States. 

Once I move to Romania my blogs will be primarily focused on my personal experiences as I navigate a new city and country. I will hopefully include a monthly music video featuring an original song by yours truly and showcasing a photomontage of my expeditions.

I am always looking for creative ways to express myself and to connect with others. So I hope you will be a part of my journey of artistic creation and discovery of a new home, and likely a new me.

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