Welcome to Bucharest, Romania

If you haven’t noticed, the header image has changed on my official blog page. I am now officially “Black Girl IN Bucharest”! We have finally arrived in Bucharest, the city often called Paris of the East. With the long wait to arrive in this busy Romanian city, one might think I’ve had time to really explore and get deep into the roots of the city. Well, not so much. It has been a hectic week of changes and trying to find my place in this new city and life situation. I did not really get a chance to get out with my Nikon D5200. Most of the shots are from my iPhone. But I just knew I couldn’t let a week go by without sharing some of the experience visually.

The flight over was tiring and stressful, especially with two cats accompanying us, but we all got here in one piece and on time. Once we had unpacked we went to the closest grocery store, Mega Image, where the logo looks a lot like Food Lion. Pretty small but we were able to snag a few necessary items. After our swift shopping spree we chose the location for our first meal in Bucharest—Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). After all the hectic crazy of the last few weeks, and the 14+ hours in transit, having a familiar feast was just what was needed. Tthe KFC here definitely has cooler décor on the inside than the ones in the states that I’ve been to.

We’ve been walking to new places to get a feel for the neighborhood we will call home for the next few years. Bucharest is divided into sectors. Not the same as districts, but I can’t help but hear the “Hunger Games” whistle in my mind when I see the signs. Throughout the week we walked around our sector and went out for dinner quite a bit—Italian, German, and of course Romanian. We also tried out Romanian Pizza Hut, which is different than back home but we definitely like it. They offer dipping sauces and a pretty detailed menu that I’m not used to.

So in this first week we’ve experienced: the crazy driving, wild cart maneuvering at Carrefour (French Walmart as some call it), stray dogs that wait for the walk sign to cross the street, reserved movie seating (“World War Z”—I rate it 4 stars), and easier than home metro system (you pay for one rate for the ride no matter where your stop is along the line and you don’t have to use your pass to exit).

Well let me allow the photos to paint the picture of my new experiences. Only a few pics to start but there will be many more to come. Check out the captions for details, and please stay tuned. The adventure is only just beginning.

7 thoughts on “Welcome to Bucharest, Romania

  1. Are you sure that hair salon won’t allow ice cream? That symbol looks like the Olympic Torch. Perhaps they don’t allow athletics? P.S. So proud of my G-burg girl living it up in Bucharest. Thanks for the pics. Now instead of worrying that you’d moved to a 3rd world country, I am jealous and want you to take me to that mall.

  2. Woo Hoo! So happy the transition is going well. I am loving the pics! (we will not talk about that strange sausage thing) Feels like we are right there with you with this blog. Good news, I will definintely be in London before the end of this year. Working on a date. Much love and miss you guys!

  3. Wow – love the metro system plan. Econonomical and makes so much sense to exit quickly. Architecture is super – mroe photos of that, please.
    Enjoy all these new adventures!!

    • I’ll definitely have more architecture pics coming! I already have seen things I can’t wait to capture. Going to run around with the camera all day tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

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