There and Back Again: A Black Girl’s Tale


Front page to the journal I’m writing in while in Bucharest.

Ah Bucharest, you’re starting to grow on me. Things are starting to feel familiar and I’m not as nervous running around on my lonesome without a translator, aka my husband. Also helps that I finally have my iPhone up and running. Bucharest beware! I aim to get out on my own for some photo shoots starting this week. I also hope to change up my way of sharing my finds through this blog. I’m not going to post every day, but if I see something cool or funny, I’m going to share it right away instead of waiting until I have a lot of pics. Hopefully it will keep my posts organized and not as long. And also give all of you that don’t have the privilege, or curse, of following me on Facebook or Twitter a better perspective of what it’s really like to call this city home. But for now, enjoy these slices from my time thus far in Romania.

Well, for right now, less ALL of Romania and more ONLY Bucharest. In my former job I crossed state lines twice on my way to work. So it’s weird for me to not have left this city in the near full month we’ve been here. I feel like I’m back in college without a car. At least that will change when my car arrives. Until then, it’s 24/7 Bucharest for yours truly.

Kiseleff Park and the Peasant Museum Market

A few weekends ago, we decided to walk to the Peasant Museum to check out the popular Antique and Artisanal Market. We ventured there by way of Kiseleff Park. During the summer weekends they close the main passthrough street and people come out to play basketball, pingpong, and just plain relax without the risk of a car running them down, which sadly does happen here. We were able to walk around the area, grab some gelato, and I snapped some pics. When we got to the museum the market was already buzzing with people. We didn’t go into the museum this time, but checked out the interesting items for sale.


After our visit at the market we made our way to Piața Unirii to find the district of Lipscani. Lipscani was once the most important commercial center of Bucharest. Though it went through some sketchy times, in recent years it has been remade, upgrade, and is one of the most popular locations in the city. Decked out with restaurants, clubs, bars, and shops, local Americans say it’s like Georgetown in D.C. I have more exploring to do in this area, but snapped a few pics on my first venture.


I was asked to showcase more architecture, so here we go. Snapped pics of cool buildings when we journeyed to and from Lipscani.

Herăstrău Park

I’m lucky to live close to the largest park in Bucharest—Herăstrău Park. With it’s twists and turns and funky layout, one can get lost in this pretty cool place. Bars and restaurants are scattered throughout the park, most with great views of Lake Herăstrău. On the 4th of July, a bunch of us did a pub / bar crawl in the park. Though I only went to a few locations, it was a great introduction to the park that you all are sure to see many pics of in the future. Three of the places we went to for drinks included Baraka, Biblioteca, and Hard Rock Cafe. Peacocks and black swans. Gardens and sculptures. And one fantastic lake. I can’t wait to really dig into the park and share my finds. In the meantime, here’s a taste:

Miscellaneous Bucharest

And last, but not least, here are some random shots taken around town.  See captions for my comments.

6 thoughts on “There and Back Again: A Black Girl’s Tale

  1. The photos were absolutely scrumptious!! Beautiful detail & colors! I loved looking at every single one! Keep them coming! xxoo CB

  2. Really love the images and your narrative! So glad you are settling in now. The park sounds great – the city is worth exploring. Enjoy! All is super quiet here.

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