Preview: Hanging in Hungary

We had a blast this weekend… in Budapest, Hungary. The city also known as where people often think we live. False. Just check the blog name again. Here’s an iPhone snapshot of the Danube Bend. More images, along with some info on Budapest, coming later this week. Promise!


3 thoughts on “Preview: Hanging in Hungary

  1. Ok, ok … I give up. I will ACCEPT the fact that you ARE in Bucharest and no longer /soon to be/ there!

    C’mon … people really think you’re in Budapest?? Could they locate Moscow—either in Russia OR Idaho—on a map? THAT might be the problem.

    What a tease! Let’s get those photos posted, /gurl-fraynd./ Budapest is a fave city of mine. At some point during your Labor Day weekend I hope you made it to the the Gellert or Szecheny thermal bath, the landmark Gundel’s restaurant (I’m sure it’s still there), St Stephen’s, Gellert Hill, Buda castle, Chain bridge, ate some strudel at a coffee shop and maybe visited Margaret Island (if not, definitely next trip!!).

    • Ha I did a lot of what you mentioned. Once I go through pics I will post them. Though I’d you’ve been here before I’m pretty sure you’ll reminisce with my photos. Everything I took pics of has been here for a very long time. 🙂

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