Preview: Hiking in Vampire Territory


This weekend we went hiking with friends in Transylvania! We stayed at a cool hotel in Brasov and went hiking, for 8+ hours, around the Piatra Craiului Mountain. More info and photos will be posted later this week! For now, here’s an iPhone shot for you.

8 thoughts on “Preview: Hiking in Vampire Territory

  1. Beautiful! And what a workout . . . . * I am so pleased to hear that you guys are getting out, exploring, and loving the adventure!

    • I don’t know if I’m worthy of a “whoa”. My bad ankle is really not happy with me right now. It has determined that I should limp about for a while in punishment đŸ˜¦

  2. glad you’re having a good time stay safe God bless u both. The big computer has a issue not working if u have and idea what to do let me know. Love. Mother

  3. Those are awesome granite peaks. What a cardio workout, no zumba needed! I want to see a photo of your hotel, I bet it wasn’t the former USSR concrete block that I stayed in! But Brasov is a pretty town with the central square.

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